[Committee] Committee Agenda 8 Feb 2011

Alastair D'Silva alastair at newmillennium.net.au
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> In the usual space.
> Agenda
> (as usual, pls reply on-list with additions/corrections. also good to
> give status updates on-list ahead of time if you can)
> =====
> * Status of likely costs of a phone line for ADSL (Alastair)
2 phase attack:

1. Establish phone line
Business reconnection needing a technician visit  $125

We will request that the line with the best SNR be provisioned for us, for

1 month phone line rental (will probably be pro-rated when we flip to ADSL)
Monthly Access with Non-Profit Business Concession  $19.50/month

2. Flip the line to TPG ADSL 2+ Unlimited with Home Phone

> * Computers
> ** Server status/plans
I've got a machine set up with running OpenIndiana (the successor to
OpenSolaris), with ZFS on top of a pair of mirrored 120GB drives.

NIS authentication & NFS/SMB home directories will be available
NFS/SMB share directory will be available to stick useful (LEGAL!) things,
OS installs, software installers, etc
DHCP & DNS will be moved from the router to the server to facilitate
TFTP will be available to allow netbooting
iSCSI drives can be made available & snapshotted to facilitate quick
commissioning of netboot images

The server is not grunty enough (& does not have the hardware capabilities)
to run VMs.

The following is a good walkthrough of installing Ubuntu against an
OpenSolaris hosted iSCSI volume:

> ** Other computers in space status
>    - what do we have, what do we plan to set up?

Currently installed are 3 machines (CNC1-CNC3) set up with Linux EMC2 to be
used as machine controllers for the 3 pieces of CNC equipment we plan on

Another 2-3 machines (desktop1-desktopN) have been benched with memtest, and
are for general use. I think Gus has installed a local copy of Ubuntu on

Does anyone have any plans for the Irix machine? If not, I propose that we
Ebay it while it still has some value.

Things that I'd like to see in the space:
1. Big roll of cat5e or greater so we can start cabling the computers  $75
(see my previous post)
3. PSUs for the 2 monitors Mishka has donated that need external power
supplies  $9.50 on Ebay
2. More monitors (theres a pile on allbids.com.au, and many at Pickles on
19th of Feb)

I'd also like to get an OK for my plan of attack on the PCB engraver, before
we start modifying hardware.

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