[Committee] Maker Meet frequency

Angus Gratton gus at projectgus.com
Wed Feb 9 07:27:10 UTC 2011

I meant to put this on the agenda for last night, but forgot. Here's
what I meant to say then:

- When we moved in , we decided to run Maker Meets for the public once a
month and organise them a bit beforehand (talks, etc.)

- Last Tuesday, we weren't really prepared but we did an informal Maker
Meet in the space and I think it went well.

- For now, I think we should keep doing that every 1st & 3rd Tuesday
instead of once a month. Open to the public, but you have to join if you
want to do any work in the space.

- If someone wants to run something bigger on 1st Tuesdays down the
track, they can.

What do people think? Should we announce something for next Tuesday?[*]

- Angus

[*] If there's debate on this, we can decide formally at the next
committee meeting and do regular space opening next Tuesday.
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