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Adam Thomas adam.lloyd at gmail.com
Thu Feb 10 00:25:42 UTC 2011

On 9 February 2011 18:27, Angus Gratton <gus at projectgus.com> wrote:
> I meant to put this on the agenda for last night, but forgot. Here's what I
> meant to say then:
> - When we moved in , we decided to run Maker Meets for the public once a
> month and organise them a bit beforehand (talks, etc.)

and we've all been busy hacking on stuff so not much organising has
gone into this.

> - Last Tuesday, we weren't really prepared but we did an informal Maker Meet
> in the space and I think it went well.

The informal ones generally have gone quite well, as have the slightly
more formal ones. Generally it's good fun get together and talk about
the cool stuff we are doing.

> - For now, I think we should keep doing that every 1st & 3rd Tuesday instead
> of once a month. Open to the public, but you have to join if you want to do
> any work in the space.

There are a few cons on running lots of maker meet ups. It adds a bit
of admin overhead. It might crowed out the members who wish to be
working on the Tuesday nights. Having lots of meet ups means that one
of the core days we say the space will be open it will be quite busy
and therefore slightly harder to work in. It makes people less
inclined to organise formal presentations because there's less time to
do all the running around.

These cons are actually pretty negligible. The overhead of managing
the meetups has been really small and they are fun enough that one or
two people are usually motivated enough to put the half hour of work
that's required to pull one off. The current separation of the meeting
area and the electronics/computer hacking area means that someone who
wants to work can do so without too much hassle. We don't actually
need to organise more formal presentations, the maker meetups are
serving their purpose just fine in their relaxed, occasionally
structured, format.

> - If someone wants to run something bigger on 1st Tuesdays down the track,
> they can.

...and the only thing stopping people organising big things is
motivation and time. If someone gets a spark of inspiration I'd be
more than willing to provide some support and encouragement to make it

> What do people think? Should we announce something for next Tuesday?[*]


There have been a bunch of people that have found out about the space
recently and it'd be good to have them along to see what we are up to.
It's a pain having to say "come back in a month or pony up some money"
when they aren't sure if the space is for them.

> - Angus
> [*] If there's debate on this, we can decide formally at the next committee
> meeting and do regular space opening next Tuesday.
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