[Committee] Minutes 13 September 2011

Angus Gratton gus at projectgus.com
Tue Sep 13 09:23:03 UTC 2011

NOTE: We didn't have quorum tonight so can at least one committee member
please vote on the $195 of tool expenses listed below.


Present: Alastair, Adam, Jack, Angus, Dave (downloading CAD software), Geoff (via IRC)

Action Items

* Adam to send email to ACTPG representative.

* Angus to send emails asking for committee nominees

* Adam to initiate payment to Jack, Dave.

* Adam, Alastair, Angus all to buy stuff (see below)

Action Items From Last Meeting

* Adam to start talking to the ACTPG representative on the Downer
  working group
  >>> Started, not finished, Adam to put a fire under it

* Angus to check on JC's committee status, ask for nominations if he's
  no longer on.
  >>> Oops. Did first part, forgot second part. Three days is pretty
      short notice to call for nominations now, I suggest we leave this
      until next month's meeting (will send an email between now and


* Treasurer's Report (Geoff)
*** See other email for details
** Less $576 for door
** Less $180 for Dave
** Less $1200 rent buffer
** 2400 - above = 444

* Purchasing of some tools
** $55 vice (Angus)
** $70 2 multimeters (Alastair)
** $25 cleaning products (Angus)
** $30 bandsaw blade (1511mm x 6.35mm) (Adam)
** $20 some bulk AAs (Alastair)

** Total $195 in tool outgoings

* Dave's membership refund (action required?)
** 2 months from 10/5-9/7, $180

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