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> Hi Makers,
> I just thought I would follow up on my issues with getting this
> SPI interface to work over a distance. Thanks to everyone for
> helping out with this.
> The 120cm cable definitely bites the dust. Even without an
> accelerometer
> board on the other end of the cable, it is enough to corrupt the SPI
> bus
> and kill comms to a local board (just next to the teensy micro).
> I followed the suggestions on the sparkfun website and made some
> progress.
> The best I have done so far is to get a 35 cm line to work. It required
> several tricks.
> (1) a 33 ohm resister on the (acc board's) SDI line (next to the
> teensy)
> (2) a 33 ohm resister on the acc board's power supply (also next to the
> teensy)
> (3) mount the acc board on another smaller breadboard
> Without (2) or (3) it fails to work. Without (1) it is
> a noisy/unreliable line.
> See photo here: http://arrowtheory.com/images/micro.jpg

It may be worth trying twisted pair or shielded cables to improve the noise

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