[Makers] 3d printer update

James Sheridan sheridanis at gmail.com
Fri Jan 13 14:01:42 EST 2012

Hi All,

I received and email from the RepRapPro people yesterday asking for my 
address and shipping payment so it seems things are on schedule for our 
February delivery of the printer.   I'm yet to order any filament yet as 
I'm still waiting on payment from one person who I won't publicly name 
and shame just yet.

In regards to the filament I've recently received two emails from Oz 
Reprap supplies who despite their delay in reply (I emailed them over a 
month ago) seem like the best place to order from (see the bottom of 
this email for the other price research I've done).

They are getting in some 1.75mm filament which is due in store around 
mid February which should be just before our printer arrives.   There 
PLA and ABS cost the same - $33 per kg

ABS&  PLA: black,  blue, red, yellow, green
PLA: transparent
ABS: white

lf we order 10kg and above of whole reels (2.5kg reels) he will do it 
for $27 per kg and gave the following shipping costs:

$10.25 for 1kg
$16.95 for 5kg
$21.85 for 10kg

We have $392 to spend on filament so that's around 14kg (14kg x $27 = 
$378) - Currently my plan is to order the following unless anyone has 
any better ideas/breakdowns?

1 x 2.5kg roll PLA - transparent
1 x 2.5kg roll ABS - white
1 x 2.5kg roll ABS - red
1 x 2.5kg roll ABS - blue
1 x 2.5kg roll ABS - black

And then I'll just ask that he throw in some yellow ABS to the value of 
$55 minus our postage costs - I hope this suits everyone?

Regards James

P.S - I know I could probably get cheaper filament through china but I'd 
like to keep the first order local or a known supplier (the R&D guys 
recommended the below places to get filament)


ABS - 1kg - US$48 - postage US$41
PLA - 1kg - $US43 - postage $US41 (out of stock)
ABS - 5kg - US$240 - postage US$87
ABS - 10kg - US$480 - postage US$168

3dprinterstuff.com (they don't sell PLA)
ABS - 11lb (5kg) - US$199 (AUD$195) - postage US$80 (AUD$78)
ABS - 22lb (10kg) - US$448 (AUD$438) - postage US$158 (AUD$154)

http://diamondage.co.nz - 280g 100m rolls (PLA)
ABS - (17 + 1 free) x 100m rolls (5kg) - AUD$649 - postage approx AUD$45
PLA - (17 + 1 free) x 100m rolls (5kg) - AUD$389 - postage approx AUD$45

http://www.faberdashery.co.uk - 300g 100m rolls (PLA)
PLA - 17 x 100m rolls (5kg) - £310-351 (AUD$494-$538) - postage £187 

PLA - 11lb (5kg) - US$220 (AUD$215) - postage US$168 (AUD$164)
ABS - 11lb (5kg) - US$220 (AUD$215) - postage US$168 (AUD$164)  (out of 

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