[Makers] MHVBoard workshop, rebooted

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See my =comments below
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Subject: [Makers] MHVBoard workshop, rebooted
Hi folks,

Now that Maker Faire is behind me, I have time again to run another

For those of you who put in for the Pozible project, but missed out on the
first workshop, would you be interested in attending another one?

For those who didn't, would you be interested in soldering workshops at the
space? If so, how much would you be willing to spend on one?
=How much;
=I have an iron an a few bits, but my soldering skill is almost non-existent.

Other random thoughts...
After running the MHVBoard workshop at Maker Faire with somewhat experienced
solderers, I think now that the MHVBoard is a little ambitious at a starting

I'm thinking of a simpler board for beginners - in the form of some
daughterboards for breadboards to build up an AVR development environment on
a breadboard. There will be a handful of components on the daughterboard,
enough to provide V-USB (and USB sourced power), and a clock crystal.

=What about getting some of the boards pre-populated with some of the more fiddly components, I know costs will increase, but there may be a happy trade-off that you can get where boards are =semi-pre-populated.  Good luck with the search :-)
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